AMPUPLUGNPLAY Next Generation is a mini guitar amp that is battery powered and completely portable. This portable guitar practice amplifier plugs directly into your guitar by eliminating the guitar cord. Your guitar carries the AMPUPLUGNPLAY.

AMPUPLUGNPLAY Next Generation now features a MP3 input so you can plug in your MP3 player and play along with your favorite songs as well as a headphone jack for private listening and a two position switch for both clean and overdrive sounds.

What are the advantages of the AMPUPLUGNPLAY?

  • The AMPUPLUGNPLAY fits in your guitar case!

  • The AMPUPLUGNPLAY requires no A/C power because it runs on a 9 volt battery!

  • Eliminates the guitar cord reducing signal loss and improving performance!

  • Works with both front and side style guitar output jacks!

The AMPUPLUGNPLAY actually becomes part of your guitar by plugging directly into the female jack on your guitar. Weighing about the same as a heavy-duty guitar cable the AMPUPLUGNPLAY is lightweight and is held securely in place by your guitar. The AMPUPLUGNPLAY keeps it simple and uses the volume and tone controls from your guitar. You not only hear what you play but you feel what you play!

  • A complete working guitar amplifier for only $34.95!
    9-volt battery not included.

Just take it out of your guitar case plug it in and play!

Take it anywhere! Play it anywhere!

What does the AMPUPLUGNPLAY sound like?

AMPUPLUGNPLAY Next Generation now features a two position clean-overdrive switch making it a versatile guitar amp for any style guitar player. In the first switch position AMPUPLUGNPLAY Next Generation delivers a clean sound with amazing tonal quality. When switched to the “overdrive” position this is a kick ass practice amp that sounds like an old tube amp producing big over-driven tones with amazing sustain that responds well to “pick attack”. All without running your neighbors out of the neighborhood! Click on the “Hear It” icon above to hear it now

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